The Reports and Invoices section allows you to view the details of all meetings and transactions across your base of Companies and export your reports to a .csv file. Here you will be able to access: 

Invoices - See all invoices generated for each Company and link to the details of that invoice.

Meeting Summaries - Locate any meeting and get details such as start/end-time, duration, - link details on any charges and to the associated Call Detail Records.

Usage Charges - See usage for all meetings that have taken place and find usage for all or any specific dial-in number. Find usage by host, transaction date, meeting ID, etc... 

Call Detail Records - find details on any record associated with a meeting, such as the phone number used to dial into the call and the number to which it connected. See duration for each connection into the call and sort by dial-in group. 

Transaction History -  View all charges that have occurred and link to the associated details.

Exported CSVs - See a list of all CSV files that have been run. Download or delete these files. 

**For detailed explanation of billing, please see the Billing Explanations FAQ **